Vikki Sanchez: A response to Lana Ajemian, President of NYS PTA

By | October 9, 2013

Vikki Sanchez, a PTA member and parent in Levittown, has written a wonderfully snarky response to NYS PTA President Lana Ajemian.  On Mrs. Ajemian’s blog titled “The Voice of The NYS PTA”, she claims that the resistance to the current education “reform” initiative by NYSED is rife with a “great deal of misinformation being circulated“.  Here is Mrs. Sanchez’s response:

Dear Ms. Ajemian,

As a PTA member, I fear you have gone too far in choosing to defend yourself in the public forum. And this is why:

#1: Even if you personally did not accept money, nor did your state branch–the national PTA did. And you operate under them. One million dollars from the Bill Gates Foundation to “teach parents about education reform”–i.e. Try to get us to drink the Koolaid around Common Core. So it’s semantics.  And it is not supported by vast majorities of parents and teachers. The people who matter in the development and education of our kids. Therefore, you have failed the parents, teachers, and most of all–the children.

#2: You claim you agree with the intent of Common Core and not the implementation. Regardless of how or why it’s implemented, if you support the intent of age and developmentally inappropriate curriculum, excessive high stakes testing, and the data mining of our children’s information–then I call your intent foul. Therefore, you have failed the parents, students, and most of all–the children.

#3:  You speak down in regards to the  “negative campaigns” of groups such as Lace to the Top and Opt Out. Ground-swell campaigns building all over the country as parents come to learn what is really going on in their kids classrooms and seek support. Yet isn’t that what the PTA is for? To support parents and teachers in improving school life and education and to bring them together as involved participants?  If we don’t have your support we simply go elsewhere. Therefore, you have failed the parents, teachers, and most of all–the children.

#4: You claim to provide platforms for discussion. You took a survey. Thank you. Now where are the results?  What do people say?  Or is that hidden like actual test questions forced on our children? Have you personally seen the outpouring of support against the major points of CC and all it entails?  Have you watched the hearings?  And if the majority of parents and teachers do not agree with the “intent” as you call it, then what. If you haven’t listened to us yet, why do I doubt you ever will?  Therefore you have failed the parents, teachers, and most of all–the children.

#5:  You will not “rattle and rail” at the gates. If that drowned out any chance of being rationally heard, then tell me–why are we being heard?  In this great democratic country with our ability to rise up, protected under free speech, to make our elected officials hear us–our efforts are helping bring legislators together to hear us, to get bills written and presented, to have people come together for a united belief that something is wrong. It is not always about bake sales and school dances. But about real concerns and problems going in in our schools as a direct result of CC. If you will not rattle and rail on behalf of parents, teachers, and children–then you are no leader and the PTA is no longer the relevant organization that it should be. Therefore, you have failed the parents, teachers, and most of all–the children.

And if you have failed all those the PTA was created to support, what is left?  The letters of the acronym no longer hold meaning and the association fades into worthlessness.

Vikki Sanchez

You can read the comments from the facebook source page:

It might also be worth mentioning that Mrs. Ajemian’s husband has just pled guilty to massive fraud charges:


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