Regents Research Fund Fellows: Who are they and are they qualified? – UPDATE!

By | November 28, 2013

UPDATE: Today, December 2,  Allen Singer from Hofstra University posted an wonderful article on this very topic.  It is a must read!


Posted November 28th, 2013:  Attached you will find a document that contains information about people claiming to be a “Regents Research Fund Fellow”.  All the information contained in the document was gathered from the website “LinkedIn”.  LinkedIn is a website where people can post professional information about themselves voluntarily.

Some interesting points to look for: How many are TFA?  How many have worked for for-profit education product providers?  How many have ties to charter school chains?  How many, if any, years have they worked with children in a classroom setting?

Who are they accountable to?  How are they evaluated?  Who is paying their salaries?

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