Regent Betty A. Rosa: The Common Core program is based on incomplete, manipulated data.

By | December 16, 2013

It seems that there is trouble brewing among the 17 member NYS Board of Regents.  Betty A. Rosa is one of the few Regents with actual experience in the education field.  The following article posted in the TimesUnion by James Odato, suggests that she and others on the Board of Regents have major issues with the NYS public education “reform” agenda.

Regent Betty A. Rosa wants people to know that her board of 17 members aren’t all in agreement about the public education reform agenda that’s currently upsetting many parents, teachers and school administrators statewide.

In fact, she thinks the Common Core program is based on incomplete, manipulated data.

“They are using false information to create a crisis, to take the state test and turn it on its head to make sure the suburbs experience what the urban centers experience: failure,” said Rosa, a former teacher, principal and superintendent from the Bronx.

The state Board of Regents is scheduled to meet in Albany on Monday and vote on a budget request for next year. Members are expected to ask Gov. Andrew Cuomo for a substantial increase in aid for local schools, on top of this year’s level of spending, $56 billion. The extra money is to help achieve the Regents’ reform agenda — a series of higher standards, tests and other assessments to track and boost performance of pupils and their teachers. The program has caused a firestorm, with the Regents and Commissioner John King at the center.

Rosa said the program is built on data from incoming freshman at public two-year and four-year colleges in New York, which suggests only 24 percent are ready for work or higher education. But it doesn’t consider data from private colleges, which are getting college-ready students — particularly from the suburbs, Rosa said.

“The conversation is (that) kids are not ready; it’s really the black and brown children in urban centers,” said Rosa, who spent her first 10 years growing up in Puerto Rico before attending public schools and colleges in New York. She earned a doctorate in education from Harvard University in 1995.

Rosa said SED disregards data from successful schools to bolster its message that public education isn’t working.

“I’m not saying it’s a fraud, but there’s a lack of understanding … of what’s behind the Common Core,” she said. “Do I believe that the purpose, the agenda is to create a sense of urgency around failure? Yes.”

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