“Refusing The Test” Resources: Opting Out in Grades 3-8

By | February 26, 2014

A new opt-out resource has been posted on the NYSAPE.ORG website.  For parents that are interested in refusing the state tests this year, this is a wonderful resource….

“Refusing The Test” Resources:

Opting Out in Grades 3-8

The steps to opting-out of NYS tests are very simple: Step 1.) Download item #2 below. 2.) Email this letter to your child’s principal, all your child’s teachers, and the guidance counselor. Copy the email to the Superintendent and School Board members. 3.) Call the principal one week later to confirm the procedure for your child on test day. 4.) Expect them to tell you that “no opt-out provision is available”. This is a typical response as most school districts do not understand that students can “refuse” the tests with a code of “999”. This does not impact the student, teacher, or school district. Simply insist that your child is NOT participating in NYS tests. 5.) Contact us if you experience any problems: Contact Us http://www.nysape.org/contact-us.html

The resources below will assist you along the way:

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