2015-16 Opt Out Letters:




Opting-Out is the process of refusing to participate in state and district testing programs. Many states have opt-out provisions (though they’re not widely publicized) by which parents can request that their children be exempted from taking standardized tests. There is no provision for opting-out of NYS assessments but Students can refuse to take NYS assessments.1 The difference between opting out and refusing is the language and students have to refuse rather than their parents opting them out. However, parents can write and submit a refusal letter to their school district on behalf of their child. Many parents have successfully submitted refusal letters. Many districts have accepted parent’s refusal letters.

Why do some parents want to Opt-Out?

Here are some resources to learn more about opting-out:

A full Opt-Out information source, including sample opt-out letters, can be found here: http://www.nysape.org/refusing-the-test-resources.html

  1. Read this compelling statement by a Mom and Dad explaining “Why We Opt Out,” which contains the letter they submit to their daughter’s school politely insisting that she be “engaged in learning activities during testing times.”
  2. Visit the United Opt-Out website for NY: http://unitedoptout.com/state-by-state-opt-out/new-york/
  3. Several Facebook groups exist:
  4. Visit the Children Should Not be A Number website: http://www.nystoptesting.com/
  1. Alfie Kohn – http://www.alfiekohn.org/standards/strategies.htm


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