Kings Park Central School District Ends “Sit and Stare”!

By | March 25, 2014

Today, KPAE has learned from a school official that the Kings Park Central School District will not implement a “sit and stare” policy.  According to that school official, based on district council, each school will allow students to read during the exam.

The following is an outline of the policy, as explained by an administrator, by phone, to a KPAE member.  It should be noted that the Kings Park Central School District has NOT made this information available to parents through their website at this time.  We hope this changes soon and will post an update if or when this happens.  For now, please contact the school directly and ask about test refusal policy.

Children of parents that have refused them from state and district standardized testing and assessment will…

  1. be seated in the back of the room.
  2. have a test temporarily placed in front of them and then removed.
  3. Students will then be provided a book to read for the remainder of the test.  Books will be selected by the district.

Everything you need to refuse the test can be found here.  If you plan to refuse, please act quickly. There are only 6 days until testing begins.

Today we start taking back our schools.

One thought on “Kings Park Central School District Ends “Sit and Stare”!

  1. sally pruslow

    I am glad to see that the administration has had a change of heart and will not make the children feel more uncomfortable. Hope the reading selections are picked by the class room teachers.


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