Kings Park Advocates for Education Announce BOE Candidate Endorsements

By | May 11, 2015

Dear Kings Park Community,

The Kings Park Advocates for Education (KPAE) Steering Committee is excited to announce our endorsement of Diane Nally and Kevin Johnston for the Kings Park Board of Education.

Diane Nally

Diane Nally – KPAE Endorsed Candidate for Kings Park BOE

We are in an era of an unprecedented power struggle, in which the Governor Andrew Cuomo, the New York State Department of Education (NYSED) and the New York State Board of Regents are on one side and local school boards, administrators, teachers and parents are on the other.  New York State has increased unfunded mandates, reduced local control of staffing decisions and instituted a 2% tax cap, all while reducing education funding to bridge state budget gaps.  This has left local districts scrambling to cut budgets and layoff staff which is causing the elimination of important programs and higher class sizes, especially for our most vulnerable children.  To make matters worse, local districts are currently being bullied into meeting unrealistic contract and budget deadlines under fear of losing even more funding.


Kevin Johnston – KPAE Endorsed Candidate for Kings Park BOE

This spring, 50% of Kings Park students were opted-out of grade 3-8 state testing by their parents.  Parents have clearly said,“enough is enough!”  We are confident that Diane Nally and Kevin Johnston represent the best candidates to advocate for our children, protect our schools from harmful policies, put education back into the hands of educators, and prevent our tax dollars from being squandered on unproven mandates.   We feel they are the best candidates to ensure an education system that is nurturing and focused on the whole child.

KPAE urges its network of students, parents, and community members to vote and advocate for Diane Nally and Kevin Johnston in the upcoming election.  Together we can begin the process of taking back local control of our schools and fight against the harmful “reforms” being foisted upon our children and our budgets.

Thank you for your anticipated support.

Yours Truly,


The Kings Park Advocates for Education Steering Committee
Katy Cardinale, Bill Claps, Debbie Danley, Shala Pascucci


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