JuanPablo Andrade: KPAE Questionnaire For New Or Returning Kings Park BOE Candidates 2016

By | May 9, 2016

*Questionnaires are completed by the candidates and unedited by KPAE.

JuanPablo Andrade

Please tell us about yourself. (ie. work experience, life experience, residency, hobbies, associations, etc.)

My name is JuanPablo Andrade. I was born, raised, and studied in Kings Park. As the son of immigrants from South America, I am the first of my family born here in the United States. My parents were from a country constrained by a dictator-type leadership, so I grew up knowing that strong 5600m1KGand responsible leadership is needed to make a well-functioning government, no matter what level. Since I was younger, I always dedicated my time outside of school to volunteering in my community, such as at libraries, at parks, or at nature centers. After doing volunteer work with the 4th Precinct and Then-Suffolk Legislator John M. Kennedy, I knew I wanted to dedicate my life and future career to public service. Besides being heavily involved with volunteering activities, I stayed extremely politically active throughout Smithtown, Long Island, and New York State. While working alongside various local, state and federal officials, I learned much about our government, and that furthered my interest into public service. I moved to Florida briefly to work for Turning Point USA, which was a student based organization that focused on promoting fiscal responsibility, limited government and free markets. Currently, I work for a political consulting firm based out of Nassau County, as well as being a contributor for HypeLine News, an online media source for millennials. I belong to New Yorkers United for Kids, Asking Myself Associaition INC. (Anti-Bulling Organization), Conservative Society for Action.

Briefly state any experience you bring to your School District Board of Education.

My expierences have always been governmental and political. I have worked alongside many current and former public officials such as Congressman Lee Zeldin, Supervisor Pat Vecchio, NYS Senator and Assemblyman Flanagan and Fitzpatrick. Former Councilman Kevin Malloy, and then-Legislator John Kennedy. My Various work in the governmental, political field and the community will be beneficial in serving the community I grew up in, if elected to the Board.

As a board of education member, how will you engage the community to make certain that its needs are heard and acted upon?

I will help reach out the community in every way that I can! Making sure that all members of the community know that they can attend board meetings, as well as contacting us board members individually, to make sure the needs of them and their children or family are heard.

For current BOE members, please provide examples of how you have engaged the community.

Commitment to the promise of public education for all children requires Board of Education members to work outside of and across community boundaries. How will you advocate for our school and students outside of our school district (ie: regional, state and federal government) so that all students’ needs are met?

I will make sure to work with the public officials throughout the Town of Smithtown, Suffolk County, Long Island, and New York State to make sure that our students have the best opportunity to succeed in the future. As well as attending meetings outside of Kings Park (Albany, Hauppauge, DC) , that would effect the Students in my district as a whole.

For current BOE members, please provide some examples of how you advocated during your term for our schools.

Currently, New York State has issued a 4 year moratorium on using NYS assessments for teacher evaluations, how would you like to see teachers evaluated in our district?

I believe that the Superintendent, Board, and Principals of the Schools should be constantly evaluating teachers in the district, to ensure that our students have the best possible educational team available to them.

How do you define the success of a school district?

I define the success of a school district in 3 ways. Having a well fuctioning Board of Education that will implement good policies and remove useless ones. Insuring that the students have the best educational team that they deserve. And having members of the community stay as involved as they can, and to speak up when they want to be heard.

What educational value does our school district receive from NYS field tests? If none, would you support KPCSD not administering these tests.

I don’t believe our School District receives any educational value from NYS Field Tests under the Common Core Standards. Yes, I would support the KPCSD not administering these tests.

What is your position on the 2% tax cap?

I am a supporter of the NYS 2% Tax Cap, but I believe that it needs to be reformed in some ways, including no longer tying the cap to the rate of inflation, and also seeing to no longer require a 60% vote to override the cap.

What is the best way to evaluate teachers and principals?

I believe that the best way teachers can be evaluated is by having them simply evaluate themselves monthly. Each month, having them send in a self-class evaluation form to the adminstration office and principal. And depending on how the grades/students, shows how to think about what the teachers said themselves. As well as having the Head of each Educational department to constantly check up on each of their teachers. Same goes with Principals, I believe that the Head administration officials should constantly evaluating Principals, as well as being updated by Assistant Principals on how the Principal is handling the school.

Describe your view on the Common Core Learning Standards.

I have always been an advocate against Common Core Learning Standards. I believe the implementation of C.C. Was a complete disaster, headed by Governor Cuomo and then Ed. Commissioner John King. I don’t believe that educational standards should be coming from DC or Albany, it should come from the Local level.

Describe your view on the amount of testing in our schools and how those test results are used.

I agree with the amount of testing administered by the Kings Park Schools. We need a way to make sure that our students and teachers are all achieving in the best possible way.

Define the role of a parent in a child’s education.

A parent, in my opinion, has the most important impact in a Child’s education. The parents have the ultimate decision on how their child is educated and how they can succeed.

Have you ever been a parent/guardian of a child enrolled in the KPCSD? If so, what was your experience?

No. I am not married, thus I do not have any children. But one day, I would like to get married, and raise a family in the town I grew up in, that is why I’m running for the Board.

How can our school district improve?

Our district has great teachers, staff, leadership, and opportunities for our students. But I believe our Board can be improved, by electing members who will bring a fresh new voice, and some fiscal responsibility and accountability, to make sure that the students have the best educational opportunities they deserve.

Approximately 60% of parents of students in grades 3-8 have refused state testing. What will you do to restore their trust in the system?

Like I said, I am against Common Core Standards and testing. But I will remind parents, that Common Core won’t be going away, at least not any time soon. I will promise them to make sure to work with the rest of the board and state education officials to make sure the common core standards don’t get anymore difficult and frustrating then they already are.

Is there additional information you want the voters in your community to know?

I want to bring a Fresh New vision to Kings Park Schools. I want to make sure our district is as transparent as it can get, to reduce its wasteful spending. I want to bridge a better gap between the community and school district, ensuring open and timely communication to all constituents. I believe the board should be a little more diverse, since the most of the board is comprised of educators. I envision a greater involvement of students to BOE, such as student representatives. And to end this off, Yes, I’m Young. That mean yes, I have creative ideas. Yes, I will think outside the box. Yes, I have more time to devote to this job. And yes, that I’m going to work smarter and harder than any other board of education trustee this town has ever Had, once elected. Who better knows which policies are working and which aren’t than someone who was recently governed by these policies? Who better to represent and articulate the needs of students more than someone who was recently in their footsteps?

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