Jaime Franchi: LI Parents & Teachers Revolt Against Common Core

By | November 29, 2013

A fantastic article has been written by Jamie Franchi for the LongIslandPress.  This article really hits home and makes you realize that Long Island has become the epicenter of the pushback against the “tidal wave of reforms” being forced down by NYSED.

A battle is being waged in New York State with Long Island on the front lines. The warriors come armed with manila folders of research on topics such as Common Core, data-mining and a billion-dollar company named Pearson. They have bags under their eyes from long, weary nights in front of sometimes-incomprehensible homework. The battlegrounds are the classrooms, the kitchen table, and auditoriums packed with parents and teachers who are demanding a three-year moratorium on high-stakes testing, but will settle for the resignation of New York State (NYS) Commissioner of Education John B. King, Jr. and the head of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. They are an army formed on Facebook, with groups informed by a national movement but concentrated right here, mobilized and motivated by the stress of their children. Their vow is to defeat Common Core, the educational reform so extreme that kids are mutilating themselves in response to the psychological stress that experts are calling “Common Core Syndrome.”

The article can be found here and is an absolute must read!  Thank you to Jaime Franchi for such an excellent article.

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