Guest Post: Sally Pruslow – Field Testing Should Be Canceled

By | May 18, 2014

Kings Park Board of Education candidate Sally Purslow has allowed us to post a message to the community on our website about the upcoming field testing.  We have not yet received a response from elected board members.  It should also be noted that the community has not yet been informed of the testing, although building level administrators have told KPAE that the testing is scheduled for the first week in June.

Sally Purslow writes…

Board Of Education Candidate 2014

Board Of Education Candidate 2014

Dear Kings Park Community,

It has come to my attention, that in spite of all the stress and turmoil of high stakes standardized testing that has been forced upon our district, the Kings Park Central School District is preparing to have some of our students tested again.  These tests are referred to as “Field Tests”:

“The State Education Department (SED) has allowed publishers like Pearson to try out test material on children. They operate without informing parents or asking for permission. Public school time and millions are spent field testing products which Pearson then sells back to us.

In June 2012 and 2013, 750,000 students were targeted for stand-alone field tests, which are given separately from the regular testing program. It was a massive test development project. SED has not divulged the cost. This spring SED plans to do even more testing without notifying parents.

No law compels children to take field tests. But there are moral and ethical expectations that we should be given information about decisions and activities involving them. The Supreme Court has upheld the basic right of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children.”

Please take a few moments to learn more about field tests and what your rights are as a parent.  Below you will find some informative articles on the subject:


Thank you and don’t forget to vote Tuesday!

~Sally Pruslow

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