Gary Stern: Four state assemblypeople take aim at Board of Regents, inBloom, Common Core roll-out

By | December 18, 2013

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by Gary Stern,

Four local assemblypeople just met with our editorial board and they are not happy with the state’s leadership on education.

Interestingly, they aimed most of their criticism not at Commissioner John King but at the body who hired him, the Board of Regents.

“I don’t believe the Regents have any sensitivity” to public concerns, Assemblywoman Amy Paulin said. “I have not seen any sensitivity at all.”

Paulin, a member of the Assembly Education Committee, talked about a need to evaluate who sits on the board and whether they eventually should be replaced. The Regents are voted in by the Legislature for five-year terms.

“The Regents hired the commissioner,” she said.

Four Democrats—Paulin (White Plains) David Buchwald (White Plains), Sandy Galef (Ossining) and Ken Zebrowski (New City)—came into our offices today to talk about a bunch of things, but spent a lot of time on education. YOU CAN WATCH A VIDEO HERE.

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