Flanagan’s Report fails to ‘fix’ Common Core

By | December 22, 2013

By Carol Burris, Commentary
Published 3:23 pm, Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sen. John Flanagan, chairman of the Senate Committee on Education, released his report on the Regents’ Reform Agenda following months of hearings on the Common Core, testing and student privacy. Clearly, the committee listened. Their report reminds us that it is “prudent” to leave decisions of teaching and curriculum at the local level. It advises that we must adopt a student-centered focus to testing. It is highly critical of the rollout of the Common Core. It also acknowledges that our children’s privacy is “sacrosanct.”

The issue at hand, however, is not whether parents were heard, or whether the committee felt their pain, but rather how we fix the problems associated with the Regents Reform Agenda. When it comes to “the fix,” the report falls short.

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