Education Roundtable: An Opt Out Letter That Speaks to All Parents

By | October 13, 2013

On the Education Roundtable website, a recent post displays a wonderful and heartfelt opt-out letter.  More information about Opting-Out can be found on the KPAE.US website.

My thanks to a parent who agreed to share her heart- wrenching and powerful opt out letter on this blog. It is our hope that this letter will resonate with other parents and give others the strength and the courage to fight to take back our public education system for our children. The child abuse, being launched on children by the new Common Core and high stakes testing regime will only end when we say it does.

The names of the parents. child, administrator, and school have been removed to protect the privacy rights of the family.

Here’s her letter:

September 24, 2013

Dear Administrator XYZ:

I write to you with a heavy heart.  I know the funding for our schools is based on standardized testing, a political injustice I find nauseating.  I know that my son’s wonderful teachers are evaluated based on his performance on these tests: a ludicrous measure, not based on any reliable scholarship or research regarding the abilities of educators.  I know you didn’t make the rules, and I do not want to make your professional life difficult.  But tonight, I declare, enough.  Enough.

My child was sobbing this evening, refusing to read a short sheet his teacher sent home, because, as he haltingly told me,  he had taken the NWEA “practice test” today and could not understand the “40 questions” after reading. I did not know how to comfort him. He asked me if there was any way he could stay home and not take any more tests.  My son has drunk the koolaid that these tests “measure his brain,” and he knows he doesn’t understand them, so he thinks his brain is not big enough.  My heart is broken.

Enough.  My son will not be taking any more of the so-called “Common Core” focused tests designed to quantify his educational progress.  These tests do not, and never will, measure his brain, his talent, the quality of…

The remaining portion of the letter can be found here:

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