Assemblyman Al Graf: Video clip of testimony at the Troy Forum on Common Core

By | December 19, 2013

UPDATE (12/24/13): This was posted on the Long Island Opt-Out Info Facebook Page:

Jeanette Brunelle Deutermann: I expressed gratitude to Principal Katie Zahedi for speaking up and received this response (I asked her for permission to post, as it explains a bit more about the circumstances of the conversation she was referring to) Katie is yet another “hero educator”-

Hi Jeanette,

I was grateful for Tisch taking the time to meet with us. The problem was that she didn’t listen and we could have avoided much wasted time and public money if they would have taken the numbers out of APPR before it went into law. We were trying to help her avoid the disaster we are now in!

My intention in relaying what Tisch said was that we should notice how we got into this policy mess… so we can correct our course and avoid future policy mistakes. Tisch said it was inaccurate, referring to her good relationship with Cuomo. BTW, I didn’t think that Cuomo was “bullying her”, but that there was an excessive amount of administrative urgency coming from him that was inappropriate. Her comment that I referred to at the forum, seemed an attempt to establish rapport with us by making it personal…he (or anyone who feel urgency) could have just as easily said to a friend: get it done or I’ll kill you, i.e., it wasn’t a threat of personal harm. They very well may be friends, enjoying a shared political vision. Having an agenda (combined with power) can be exhilarating! She didn’t seem to be afraid of him…and, as Carol pointed out she kept calling him “Andy”. Other people were at the meeting and could cite other comments made by Tisch that were red flags then and real problems now. Our concern as educators is that too much power in the hands of a few has corrupted the system and we are concerned that RTTT and APPR compromising well being and real progress in our schools.

Best, Katie


UPDATE (12/21/13):  It seems that there is so controversy related to this story.  The video clip that was reported by Newsday implied that Dr. Zahedia was speaking about a conversation about the Common Core.  It seems that the conversation may have been about APPR instead.  A really good explanation can be found here.

The following video shows testimony from Dr. Karynn Zahedia of Linden Avenue Middle School in Red Hook, New York.

From 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Rep. Chris Gibson, Assemblymen Steve McLaughlin, Jim Tedisco, Al Graf, Edward Ra and Pete Lopez host a public forum on the Common Core, Maureen Stapleton Theater, Hudson Valley Community College, 80 Vandenburgh Ave., Troy.

UPDATE: Here is the entire video of the forum.

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