As of Now, Field Tests are NOT Mandatory, but They Might Be!

By | December 14, 2014

Contact Albany Now & Demand No Mandatory Stand-Alone Field Tests

ALL Parents, Community Members, & Supporters of Public Education MUST ACT NOW to STOP the NYS Board of Regents and Commissioner John King from changing regulations to mandate stand-alone field tests that have historically been voluntary.

Field tests are experimental questions that Pearson, NYS’s contracted educational testing company, uses to “test” new questions to be used for future tests. NYS standardized tests currently have approximately 25% field test questions already embedded in the NINE hours of testing each year for grades three through eight.

Astoundingly, the NYS Education Department (NYSED) previously admitted stand-alone field tests are “statistically unreliable”.

We urge you to take IMMEDIATE action and send the below letter to the Commissioner of Education John King, Deputy Commissioner Ken Wagner, Board of Regents, Governor, your Assembly member/Senator, and the NYSED public comment email which is open for only a short period of time.

Contact Them HERE, it Only Takes a Few Seconds!

Source: NYSAPE Website

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