Alan Singer: Cuomo, Common Core and Pearson-for-Profit

By | October 9, 2013

Allen Singer, a history professor at Hofstra University, connects the dots between the Common Core, Pearson Inc., and our governor’s bid for re-election.

In September, Pearson cemented its ties with the New York State governor and the State Education Department when David Wakelyn was appointed Deputy Secretary for Education. Governor Cuomo claimed “With his extensive experience in improving the performance of schools all across the nation, David Wakelyn is the right person to help turn around our schools. He is an expert in state policy for education, and together we will deliver results for students and families in New York.” However, Wakelyn’s resume shows that after briefly working as a teacher as part of the Teach for America program, he moved into educational policy and decision making, primarily as a Senior Associate for America’s Choice School Design, which is now a leading Pearson sub-division.

Of course, Wakelyn is not the only corporate representative to move into a government position where they can sell products produced by their former (and future?) employer. Karen Cator, the Director of the federal Department of Education ‘s educational technology section previously was an executive at Apple Computers for eight years.

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