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The NYS Legislature will shortly decide which candidates will be appointed to four Regents positions. 
NYSAPE is endorsing four new candidates, who have made a firm commitment to change the direction of current education policies.  They oppose high stakes testing and student data-sharing without parental consent. They are long-time educators and parent leaders who are respected in their communities. You can read about these candidates here: .


Please take the time to email and call your Assembly Member and Senator and ask that they support Mike Reilly, Regina Rose, Audrey Baker and Dr. Carol Mikoda.  You will find a sample email/call script below.

Here is an easy way to access your Assembly Member and Senator contact information:
Find your Assembly Member:
Find your Senator:

Please also contact:
Speaker Silver at 518-455-3791

Education Chair Assembly Member Catherine Nolan at  518-455-4851

Higher Education Chair Assembly Member Deborah Glick at 518-455-4841

Here’s a sample email/call script, please feel free to revise:
Dear [Name of Legislator]    :

On February 4 and February 11, Assemblywomen Nolan and Glick will lead interviews for four positions on the Board of Regents.  I am urging you to support the following four candidates:  Michael Reilly, Regina Rose, Dr. Carol Mikado and Audrey Baker.

All four are experienced educators and/or parent leaders, and understand that the current policies of the NYS Education Department must be reversed.  As Regents, these four candidates will fight for authentic and quality education for all children in New York State.
The incumbents sitting in those seats have expressed no willingness to do so.

The resumes and/or the surveys of Michael Reilly, Regina Rose, Dr. Carol Mikado and Audrey Baker are available on the NYSAPE website: Please let me know if you are willing to support their candidacy.


[Your Name]

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