About Us

Our mission is to share information and ideas for greater understanding of educational issues in the Kings Park Central School District.  This group is open to all residents that believe our schools should focus on a well rounded education for all our children.  Unfortunately, what has been promoted as “education reform” has shifted the focus away from a student-centered learning environment.  We hope to disseminate and exchange education related information and to engage in KPAEopen dialogue so that community members will understand the changes being made to their schools.

KPAE is interested in asking the tough questions about current reforms that are taking place in our public schools.  We are concerned about the impact and the unintended consequences of the non-research based reforms being implemented in Kings Park and around the country.

Some of these concerns are:

  • RTI Testing (STAR) being bundled with teacher evaluation and setting pace and process of curriculum.
  • Age and developmentally inappropriate curriculum
  • High-stakes testing
  • Flawed teacher evaluations
  • Standardized curriculum
  • Scripted lessons
  • Excessive and inappropriate homework
  • Excessive use of technology
  • Student data collection without parental consent

All of these items shift the focus away from a student-centered learning environment. No one knows a student better than the parents and teachers in our community, yet current education reforms have drastically limited teacher autonomy and have nearly excluded parental input. Children are not political pawns to be used to advance political agendas and private corporate interests. Children have the right to a free, appropriate, equal and fair education.

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